An Interlude in Char Kulumurn

Pinned. It wasn’t the first time, not even the first time today — but it might be the last. Tanule glanced across the dimly lit tunnel at his companions and considered how they came to these circumstances.

Pinned. Most recently by the Owlbear, that ferocious Feywild monster that inhabited the tunnels beneath this dwarven fortress. The feral beast had sunk claws and talons into Tanule’s armor and pried it apart like a dwarf tapping a keg! The dragonborn looked down at the torn and twisted armor in his hands mournfully. He would have to make do with it for awhile, yet.

Pinned. Before the Owlbear caves, the wily swashbuckler had goaded him into using his superior strength to force the lid off one of the sarcophagi in a dwarven tomb. The reward? Two mummies. And, of course, the handful of wraiths that came out of the walls by the exit to flank them. Pinned.

The day… (Or was it night? It was impossible to tell in this underground place) …that came before was little better. Tanule found himself pinned between two crushing walls while saving that damn swashbuckler’s life. This place had traps, but really it was just one enormous trap to begin with.

Pinned. It had begun even earlier than that— they had begun by pinning, days before. Their adventure at Char Kulumurn began with the pinning of a dragon in the quarry between their dwarven adversaries’ ballistas and their own swords and spears. It went downhill from there; an uphill fight into the fortress against the dwarves’ carefully crafted defenses and then flanked by Vellraem’s army from behind.

As many days as they had spent within the fortress, clearing whole sections of it while trying to hunt down their dwarven prey, their situation had not improved. The tunnel they entered from had collapsed; a failsafe from intrusion when besieged. Pinned. Even if they could find another way out, Vellraem was a dragon centuries old — she was unlikely to give up the siege after mere days. And of yet, none of them had come up with a solution.

Tanule resolved to change that. “So, how do we get out of here?” he began, then added the most important part of all, “Alive.”


Rolling her rune stones around in her hand, carefully considering Tanule in the harsh glare from the underground lava pit. “We might just be on our own with this one. The fates are showing no signs. Unless our dear wizard Olimorn here can manifest a teleport out of this air? I fear we only have luck to rely on, that something will come up to lead us.”

An Interlude in Char Kulumurn

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