More adventure in Lantern Hill

From the Record of Tobson Stone

Good news and bad news.

The good news is that those adventurers that came into town are really worth the gold we’re putting up. They cleared out another Kobold lair today in an abandoned mine. From their description, it looks like that’s the Kobold trapping team and the Kobold forward base that they’ve taken care of. I sent a few miners down into the lair after the adventurers had cleared it and they confirmed; it was definitely their trap-forge. Lantern Hill hasn’t had any reports of trapped mines or cave-ins for weeks now!

And then there’s the bad news.

Whole teams of miners have gone missing lately. Empty mines when we investigate – no bodies. It looks like the monsters have stepped up from trapping to kidnapping. Why didn’t I say “the Kobolds” have stepped up? Well, that’s where the bad news goes to worse news.

Those adventurers found Goblins in the Kobold lair. It looks like those sneaks are working together! Again, I have to resort back to a secondhand account – maybe I should offer some gold for a live Kobold or Goblin that I can interrogate? Apparently the Goblins were scouts meeting the Kobolds to lead them back to a base they’ve set up nearby. It’s in the old tower on the edge of town. Hopefully the miners will be there.

I’m worried that even if the Goblins and Kobolds are dealt with, the threat won’t be over. A carriage came into town from Riverthrough. Not a pretty sight. Only one man survived the trip. The horse made it through as well, but only because of a stroke of luck. Two elves came into town about the same time and they’re both adept at handling wounds – particularly for animals.

Maybe I should see if I can set them up with those adventurers?



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