The Wild, Wild Fey(Wild)

“I hate spiders,” Tanule growls as he surveys the temple.

Eggs lie in every alcove, between pews and aside trees, pulsing and quivering between the entrance and the altar. Thick strands of translucent webbing stretch from one side of the room to the other, marring passage in a different way.

Adrie’s eyes survey the room for only a moment before she quietly whispers about the danger of nearing the eggs, “See how they shudder and writhe?” With only take a single false step, she explains, they would be swimming in hatchlings.

“Then damn the eggs, we’ll go right through the middle!” cries Avaris as he charges forward, rapier in hand. The rogue brashly hacks and hews at the stringy obstruction and though he carves his way a few feet into the webbing, with no more than a few blows he finds himself stuck and trapped.

Worse, the spiders cease their busy scurrying and a multitude of eyes are now upon the party. With agitated chittering, they advance upon the web wall.

With swift distortions, the spiders phase to the heroes’ side of the wall and plunge their venomous mandibles into whatever flesh they can find. The young phase spiders are fast and teleport into advantageous positions where they can flank and outmaneuver their victims, but none are nearly as swift as the enormous mother spider who leaps out of thin air, bites, and vanishes in the blink of an eye.

Nor are their bites as venomous. Though her bite is but a scratch to Tanule, a lingering menace lurks deep within the bloody wound and the mighty dragonborn topples into unconsciousness moments later.

Her children take advantage of the situation and phase in and out of the defenseless party, focusing their attacks on the weaker, less-armored heroes. No sooner than their victims mount an effective defense do the spiders hastily vanish to the other side of the web-wall.

Conjuring the icy magic of his spear, Adris slices his way through the remainder of the hole Avaris had begun to carve. The chilled and brittle strands shatter before him and the spiders scurry to flank the new path through their defenses. Guided by Sehanine’s divine prowess with the bow, Adrie’s arrows pierce the nigh-impossible shot through the tunnel and skewer a spider on the far side.

Tanule awakens and takes the opportunity to press the advantage by spitting a ball of draconic lightning through the far side of the tunnel. The resulting explosion arcs through not only the spiders, but significantly damages the web-wall as well.

The mother spider is not pleased. She falls back among her eggs, chittering angrily.

While Avaris falls back to defend Sabellia against the ambushing attackers, Adris charges boldly through the widened tunnel. One angry spider continues to wait upon the far side, however, and flings Adris through the ether into its webs.

The others flash behind Sabellia, snapping and biting at her while they duck Avaris’ blade. She suffers several grievous wounds, but blasts the mother spider with an enormous explosion of infernal fire. Thick blue blood oozes from the wounded creature.

Tanule steps back to fend the spiders off of the warlock, but once again they vanish at his approach. Adris frees himself from the webbing and charges the wounded mother with an elven war-cry.

The wrathful creature looks upon him and blasts him with a disorienting ethereal repulsion. Rather than finding himself stuck among the webs again, Adris collects himself atop a pile of pulsing eggs just as the hatchlings burst forth to swarm him.

Smelling blood, the young spiders concentrate their attacks on Sabellia, nearly overwhelming her but for the efforts of Avaris and Adrie to keep them at bay. The hatchlings surround Adris to make a meal of him and his situation is worsened when their mother shifts through the ether to join them in their assault.

Caught between defending two allies, Tanule decides that the elf is in more dire straits and lunges past webs and eggs to come to his aid. He skewers one of the hatchlings, but one of the young spiders pulls him away from Adris and tries to entangle him in its thick webbing. Two more eggs nearby quiver open and the hatchlings within crawl forth.

The mother deals Adris a sinister bite while her hatchlings swarm him, but the elf is quick and skewers one of the tiny spiders before it can menace him any further. Tanule leaps to his side, dragging hatchlings and webbing alike as he drives his spear into the enormous spider’s flank while its attention is split.

With a shriek, it tries to teleport away but its wounds are too severe and only half its body finds the strength. Blue blood and bits of chitinous flesh explode around the room as the enormous spider teleports in two.

Demoralized, or perhaps utterly in shock, the other spiders are quickly dispatched by the heroes.

They waste no time securing the silver bridle of Lillywyn, as well as other treasure in the form of magical chain armor in the possession of the previous tenant of this temple, a cleric of Corellon.

“I hate spiders,” Tanule growls once more, surveying the remaining eggs in the room. He raises his spear high over his head then looks to the clerics for permission. After all, Melora does have something to say for the survival and natural order of all the world’s creatures, or something like that.

“You know what? Fuck spiders,” Adris remarks, before helping the dragonborn destroy the eggs.


I never thought I would find myself hating something so much that I would kill children. As I stood before the eggs of spider that made my life hell today I felt no remorse for the babes that lay dormant in their eggs. I swear on the soul of my father every spider I see will meet the same fate as the mother we encountered today….. DEATH!!!.

I hate spiders…

The Wild, Wild Fey(Wild)

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