Broxley Grizzlejaw

SLAIN. Broxley the Beast, Werewolf of Riverthrough


Broxley Grizzlejaw is an enormous, barrel-chested beast of a man. He is known for his blunt, brutal demeanor and the omnipresent scruff of his lamb chop sideburns. In sharp contrast to William Dakkenson and his guards and their silver stars, he (and his brawlers) prefer to wear less ostentatious copper badges, which are little more than copper coins pounded flat into thin discs.

As a werewolf, he worked to deprive the town of Riverthrough of silver and herbs that could prevent lycanthropy as part of a plot to infect the town and bring them into the Monster’s Alliance for Balthazar’s army.

He was slain atop Carvyre Keep in a battle against Tanule, Sabellia, Avaris, Adris and Adrie.


Hailing from the Barbarian Wastes west of Riverthrough, Broxley quickly formed the mercenary and adventuring guild “Broxley’s Brawlers”. After Dakkenson’s questionable loyalties were brought into light by a party of adventurers in Broxley’s employ, the Duke of Riverthrough appointed Broxley as Dakkenson’s temporary replacement as Captain of the Guard.

Broxley Grizzlejaw

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