Master Anvilstrike

Silversmiths Guild Liason to Lantern Hill


Master Anvilstrike is a wealthy figure in Lantern Hill and most of the northwestern Khalistaran Kingdom. He is a well-dressed, well-groomed dwarf whose beard is neatly braided. He handles the flow of silver from Lantern Hill to Gald Kulumird. The silver prices in Lantern Hill are much lower than in the Dwarven Kingdom and both sides are very happy with the arrangement.

Because he is such a wealthy figure, he is frequently accompanied by bodyguards. His importance is not insignificant in the town and he makes a show of knowing this, although he labors to make business arrangements that are beneficial to all parties involved.


Master Anvilstrike frequently travels between Lantern Hill and Gald Kulumird, as he prefers to keep a close eye on the silver trade. After a blockade on the Lantern Hill mines by the Monster’s Alliance left him with a sizable lode to transport, he personally traveled with the caravan to Riverthrough, and has developed a strong, if stubborn, relationship with both the silver (yes, the silver itself) and the adventurers he has employed the guard it.

Master Anvilstrike

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