Orewealth Goldbeard

Dwarf-king of Tul Kulamad


Orewealth has all the qualities of a mighty dwarven king. In battle, he is brave, with family, he is loyal, and above all else, he has the uncanny reputation for leading his clan to treasure upon treasure beneath the mountains.

In fact, his gift for finding precious metals and gems is nigh-supernatural. Some have even dubbed him ‘the prophet of platinum’. The varying guilds among his clan vie for his favor so that he will bless them with his guidance and direct them to new and glorious veins of ore. He uses this measured amount of favor to reward the harmonious, hard-working guilds in his clan and to temper the cutthroat machinations of those who look only to increasing the size of their own vaults.


Orewealth Goldbeard

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