Star-crossed Warlock


Sabellia is a female human Warlock. She is commonly clad in leather armor, though she tends to cover it with fortune teller’s garb. She wields a rod in one hand and a club in the other. While she prefers to harness the eldritch energies of her pact-given magic, she feels that the club is a sturdy alternative when undead are involved.

Reserved and fatalistic, Sabellia doesn’t let on too much about herself, although she is quick to tell others what she can discern of their fate and future. The exception to this private nature is her utter terror of the undead, which is no secret to anyone who has traveled with her.


Personality traits as per D&D PHB:

Reserved, Fatalistic, Skeptical

Decision Points:
Impatient, Flexible (willing to let others lead), Thoughtful (outside of combat)

Dire Straits:
Reckless, Vengeful, Impulsive

- – -

Sabellia can usually be seen consulting rune stones, tea leaves, cards or anything else that she can get her hands on that might help her divine any information about the future. Owing to her revelation that she will play some significant, if as-of-yet shrouded and mysterious, part during a key point in the future, she cultivates her powers carefully. Sabellia balances the growth of her powers with the fear of growing unstoppable; she wants neither to become too powerful nor remain weak and easily destroyed.

In addition to these precautions regarding the uncertainty of the nature of her fate, she has another vision of the future, though this one is borne more of fear than any dark divination of what is to come. Sabellia is terrified of anything to do with the undead and has been known to panic at their mere mention.


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