Dragonborn Fighter


Tanule (Tah-NOOL) Shasakal is a male Dragonborn Fighter. He is most commonly found wearing scale armor and wielding a longspear or javelin. He has chosen these weapons in the tradition of the Razorclaw tribe, as taught to him by his brother Talon. Like most Dragonborn, his breath can be harnessed to deadly effect; because Tanule’s breath takes the form of lightning, he has chosen to make this a recurring theme among his arsenal, and favors a magical lightning-tipped spear and a javelin that bursts like thunder.

Tanule is not the most eloquent when it comes to expressing himself. Though he has a passionate respect for ‘The Hunt’, most often manifested through his obsessive collection of skulls and other trophies from his slain enemies, Tanule is not a mindless savage. He takes a quiet pride in defending the other members of his party, although he occasionally butts heads when they refuse to observe ‘sacred’ traditions such as his calls for one-on-one combat.

Many memories of myself as a youngling are gone from me. My only tie has been my brother Talon, he is the kind of brother any Dragonborn youngling could ask for. Even though he leaves often on his many hunting excursions he has still taught me much and has more or less raised me. Our father left us at a young age but my brother and I pay him no ill will. We are uncertain to the reason why our father left but we believe it was important enough to leave his children to fend for themselves. I do not remember much of my father but I do know he was strong and an amazing fighter and tactician. He taught Talon everything he knew and Talon has lived up to his fathers example. I only hope that one day I myself will grow to be called a true Dragonborn.

As far back as I can remember my brother has taught me how to fight be strong and live on my own if necessary. Talon has always been a great hunter and his skills with weapons are unmatched among our clan. My favorite has been with the long spear and I practice every day to increase my skill. I have also tried to learn how to throw javelins, my brother makes me look like a novice but as I said before I practice every day to hopefully become as good as my brother. Though my brothers skill far surpasses mine my strength is what gives me my edge in a fight. Growing up my brother tells me I was beaten by other younglings so in that I became strong to protect myself and it has served me well.

My name is Tanule Shasakal of the Razorfang clan and in that name comes fear from others. My brother tells me my clan is known for our ferocity and skills in battle. My village is only a small collection of Dragonborn from the Razorfang clan. We make our lives as hunters and fighters the humans often hire many of our males to fight for them or to learn more about weapons they are unfamiliar with. I am proud of my heritage and do everything in my power to live up to the honor and strength of my clan.

A few days ago my brother left unknowingly. It is very odd my brother left without telling me of his trip. He always tells me, never has he not let on to a hunt…..Ever

Toady a human female wondered into our village calling my name. It is so uncommon for a human to travel to our village especially a female. She brought me a letter from my brother telling me he has traveled far to the west and has won me a very special Longspear and left some gold in his chest. I feel suspicious of this hunt, I believe it has more meaning than and other hunt he has gone on before. I hope my brother is safe and unharmed.

I have only just escaped with me life, dark angry humans came to my village and slaughtered everyone they could get their soft, weak hands on. They couldn’t even fight us head on. Cowardly bastards…. I swear on my life I will avenge my fallen Dragonborn…

I have decided to travel north to the Khalistaran Kingdom in hope of finding my brother and start a new life away from the evil men of Malron. I pray each day for my brothers safety. I miss him terribly.


Cedarsmoke Tanule