Val'ragas, Tiefling Rogue and Talon's friend


Val’ragas is a dusky-skinned tiefling with pronounced horns who smells (some say, reeks) of brimstone and is often surrounded by the uncanny dimming of torches, lanterns and candles. That said, his most defining feature is his nasally, oft-high-pitched voice which conjures the characteristic squeak of an imp. Val’ragas professes, however, that he is descended from Succubus bloodlines with perhaps a hint of Balor.


Val’ragas is one of Talon’s old adventuring colleagues from Two Monsters and Steve. Despite hiding his heritage well, being a Tiefling, he is presumably the other “Monster.” As a rogue (and moreover, as a Tiefling), his methods were often at odds with Talon’s sense of honor, but the two have kept in contact to this day, suggesting that Talon has grown to accept him.

He has promised Talon that he would help his younger brother Tanule begin his adventuring career and provides the party with assistance from time to time.

Since meeting Tanule and his friends in Riverthrough, Val’ragas has assisted the party by providing them with information and the occasional tip, both per the party’s requests and via his own unsolicited investigations.


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