William Dakkenson

Ward of young Duchess Carvyre


William Dakkenson is a tall, broad-shouldered man who speaks in an even, diplomatic voice. He wears a suit of plate armor and wields a halberd, although he has been known to carry a longsword and shield when the occasion permits it. He inspires a fierce loyalty in the men in his guard.


William Dakkenson was the long-time captain of the Riverthrough guard until the nature of his relationship with the leader of the Wererat-infested thieves’ guild of the town was exposed. Dakkenson had been replaced by Broxley Grizzlejaw as captain of the guard. After Broxley was revealed to be the werewolf stalking the town and plotting to destroy all of its silver and infect its townsfolk with lycanthropy, Dakkenson helped appoint a new captain of the guard.

After the events in Riverthrough revealing the Duke’s demise and Broxley the Beast’s betrayal, William Dakkenson has been appointed by the Big Damn Heroes* as warden of the young duchess until such time as she is fit to lead the town.

William Dakkenson

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