Letters from Talon
5 Years Before Lantern Hill

Talon was an impatient sort of Dragonborn. He often ventured far from home on grueling hunts in search of exotic prey. Weeks before he set out, a light in his eyes would begin to flicker and a restlessness would overtake him. His brother, Tanule, always knew long before he would be taking another hunt.

This time was different. It was the first hunt Talon would take since their father had left, and Tanule would be alone to care for their home. The dwelling was not much; it lingered upon the border of a forest at the edge of a village they seldom visited, but it was home nonetheless.

Mere days after Talon had departed, a young woman from the village came calling. Their home was so far removed, and the villagers so superstitious about their monstrous neighbors that there was little way for her to be there without a purpose.

“Tanule,” she called, stumbling over the draconic intricacies involved in pronouncing the name, “I have a letter for you… from your brother?” It read thus,


I am far to the west hunting among the barbarian tribes of the untamed lands. I have won you a present—a longspear from one of their chieftains. Perhaps now you will stop stealing mine for your play!

I have left for you five gold pieces in the chest in my room. There are three javelins in there as well—I expect that you will be skilled at finding food with them. Venture into town with the gold only if you must. The humans do not look well on our kind when we are in need; remember that.

I look forward to comparing your trophies with mine.

Your brother,



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