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  • Razorfang

    The Razorfang are a clan of Dragonborn. They are best known for their ferocity in battle. For many races of the world, they are rightly feared to this day for their ruthlessness in ancient wars.

  • The Kulumad

    The Kulumad, _Of the Mountain_, are a race of [[Dwarves]] hailing from the [[Stout Hills]] and the mountain for which they're named, Kulum. Their history is long and chronicles their race's battle to take and build their mountain-range-spanning kingdom …

  • Lightningblood

    The Lightningblood are a clan of Dragonborn. They are best known for their skill as stalkers; legends about Dragonborn that hunt so stealthily that no-one, often not even their prey, know of their existence. Rumors say they leave no trails and no …

  • Blackfeather

    The Blackfeather hobgoblins are so named for the black-feathered arrows they traditionally employ. Utterly lethal, they serve as the elite rangers of the [[Monster's Alliance]].

  • The Jurumad

    The Jurumad, Of Jira's Mountain, are a race of Dwarves hailing from the [[Stout Hills]]. Primarily refugees from [[Tul Kulamad]], most of the Dwarves are either of the [[Anvillainar]] clan or owe allegiance to them. While the Jurumad exhibit many of …

  • Anvillainar

    The Anvillainar are a sizable clan of Dwarves who originally earned their fortunes through their skill and service to Tul Kulamad. Throughout the centuries, the clan has grown to sizable political power and its mining guilds are known throughout the …