Act I

Act I: Bought with Silver, Paid in Blood

A siege on a small mining village in Western Khalistara brings the heroes together when they’re trapped in Lantern Hill. After discovering the full extent of the evil Monster’s Alliance plot, the heroes must thwart its carefully-laid plans and topple its dangerous and mysterious leader.


Part I: The Siege of Lantern Hill – When traveling to Riverthrough, the heroes are caught in Lantern Hill when the road west is besieged. A wealthy silver-guild liaison hires the heroes to break the blockade and in the course of thwarting the goblins and kobolds responsible they learn of a mysterious creature who is creating an alliance among the disparate monster tribes.

Part II: Rats in Riverthrough – Having discovered the plot to starve the town of Riverthrough of silver, the heroes sign on as caravan guards for the ore-laden wagons. Through the course of protecting the treasure, they unravel the Monster’s Alliance scheme to infect the town with lycanthropy and slay the unlikely puppeteer at its head with the aid of an equally unlikely ally.

Part III: The Heart of the Nearwood – The mysterious Nearwood has long been the subject of fantastic rumors, but these tales are of little use to the heroes. Instead, they follow their only clue to the recent mass disappearances and set out to return an elven elder’s daughter to the small village of Bough’s Merry. Their quest takes them deeper into the forest than even the party’s elves themselves have ventured, beyond the Feywild and even to the very heart of the Nearwood itself.

Part IV: Scrolls and Debts – Given a quest to venture to the Magiclands, the heroes travel to the dwarven city of Gald Kulumird. To reach the enchanted kingdom, their plan is to travel beneath the Stout Hills through Tul Kulamad, but to gain passage, they must garner the favor of the dwarf king, who has recently come into a situation requiring the delicate application of expendable adventurers.

Part V: The Monster’s Head – The heroes venture into the depths of Tul Kulamad, aided by the dwarf-king’s foremost guide. There, they find that the monsters at war with the dwarf kingdom are aligned under an all-too-familiar banner and that their terrifying leader rules from a fallen fortress through which they must pass.


Lantern Hill

  • Kobolds Caught
  • The Kobold Forward Base
  • The Observatory


  • Caravan Guards
  • The Local Color
  • Working for Broxley’s Brawlers
  • An Audience with the Duke
  • The Scroll-Seekers
  • The Duke’s Revenge
  • The Wrong Side of Town
  • Herbs for a Cure
  • Slaying the Rats
  • Broxley the Beast

The Nearwood

  • The Wild, Wild Fey(Wild)
  • An Element(al) of Danger
  • The Oakwatch
  • The Hagwood

Tul Kulumad

  • The Hall of Calendars
  • Char Kulum
  • Kol Kulumurn
  • Seur-Kol Vellbalukarn

Act I

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