Act II

Act II: The Rise of Two Queens

Emerging from the wreckage of a collapsed Dwarven city, the heroes must venture onto the surface of the icy mountains and brave a terrible winter to find their missing wizard. Awaiting them are long-lost legends frozen in time, a place where night and day flip like sides of a coin, and a Hell so hot, they will need to wager their very souls to steal away from it.


Part I: Hero’s Fall – Caught in the frigid mountain air, the heroes travel to the trading post of Castletop in search of Olimorn’s trail. After a ruthless dragonslayer’s trap goes awry, the Silver Lanterns find rumors of a tribe of mysterious blue-scaled Dragonborn who are willing to pay a bounty for the felled dragon.

Part II: The Eel, The Raptor, and The Phoenix – With a spell gifted by a mysterious Dragonborn soothsayer, the Silver Lanterns travel to the Astral Sea to rescue Olimorn from a slave-ship crewed by monsters and devils. The plan goes awry when a bold Githyanki pirate plotting a daring heist attacks the ship.

Part III: The Fires of Hell – Armed with a stolen ship and a stolen plan, the Silver Lanterns sail the Slithering Eel into the Nine Hells itself in search of a foe they have heard of only in history and tales. There, they find she is not entirely as her legends depict her, and try to wrest the missing key to their treasure from her.

Part IV: The Mistress of Frost – To pass to the Magiclands, the Silver Lanterns must venture into the peak of Mount Kulum, where a great white dragon lords over an army of giants. Calling itself the Prophet, it claims to serve an even greater power: Iciclyx, the Mistress of Frost, the very dragon Tanule’s father hunted before he disappeared.

Part V: Light and Dark – The heroes finally arrive in the Magiclands, only to find that the kingdom has been deserted and the scroll they seek is missing, kept in a now-empty library. As they unravel the mystery of what happened, it begins to grow apparent that the kingdom is not as empty as they first believed.

Part VI: The Juggernaut Glacier – To retrieve the scroll they seek, the Silver Lanterns must wrest it from the clutches of a cult of vampires paying homage to an old foe. But the cult and its fortress are not the heroes’ greatest challenge; to reach the library-turned-citadel, they must venture into the heart of an enormous gelatinous cube frozen in eternal night while their only hope of defeating the vampires is to bring back the warmth of daylight.

Part VII: Theft of the Skyripper – Reunited with their crew and allies after a daring escape to the Plane of Fire, the Silver Lanterns finally enact a long-standing plot to heist a legendary airship from the Grand Sultan of the City of Brass and his ruthless dockmaster, a cruel Efreet named Turlan Reshid.

Part VIII: Old Enemies – The heroes come face to face with the pirate whose plan they stole, and with their allies held for ransom, he makes them an offer. Rather than deal for the Skyripper, he wants them to return to the Nine Hells and retrieve his daughter. There, they find that in their travels, the Githyanki is among the least of the enemies they have made for themselves.

Part VIII: Trials and Tribulations – At least three layers deeper than they planned, the Silver Lanterns must venture into the Diabolical Courts to present paperwork freeing the Githyanki pirate’s daughter. There, they find that the devils have been waiting for them, and must stand trial for lawful ownership of Sabellia’s immortal soul.

Part IX: Betrayals and Betrothals – Emerging from the Nine Hells with one among them now damned, the heroes find that the Khalistaran Kingdom is not all as they left it. Following the Githyanki pirate’s revelation about the one who bought their ransomed allies, they come to find that the nymph Lurielle has also betrayed them. In the midst of shifting alliances, one of the heroes is offered a tempting proposal that will shift the political landscape.

Part X: Villains and Vendettas -


Tul Kulumad

  • Castletop
  • Wyvern Pass
  • Hero’s Fall

The Astral Sea

  • The Slithering Eel
  • The Raptor

The Nine Hells

  • The Princess of Chains
  • The Trial of the Dark Eight
  • The Iron City of Dis
  • Slaydin’s Diner
  • The Embassy and the Ambassador’s Slave

Tal Kulumard

  • The Hill Giant Keep
  • The Prophet’s Lair
  • The Chronicled Stair
  • Duril’s Throne
  • The Mistress of Frost

The Magiclands

  • Portal and a Rope Trick
  • The Empty Library of Al Maja
  • Beacon
  • The Juggernaut
  • Against the Pharaoh of Light
  • Into the Glacier
  • An Unexpected Ally
  • Hrythhskaar, the True Master
  • The Eldritch King

The Plane of Fire

  • Boarding Party
  • A Promotion to Pasha
  • Hand of the Black Fist
  • Greed and Wine
  • Theft of the Skyripper

Lurielle’s Glade

  • Safe Harbor
  • Lurielle’s Gifts

Return to the Astral Sea

  • The Enemy of my Enemy of my Enemy
  • Deal with the Devil

Return to the Nine Hells

  • Demon Orcs
  • Tarakala and Aelzokk
  • Without a Safety Net
  • The Garden of Delights
  • The Princess of Hell
  • The Infernal Courts
  • The Warlock’s Trial
  • Papers, Please

Return to Lurielle’s Glade

  • Sparring with Sarkalath
  • Ambushed by Treants
  • Trollskin Suits
  • Lord Anvillainar’s Chair
  • The Steward’s Proposal

Act II

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