Big Damn Heroes

After a brief stint as ‘The Shock Troupe’, a reference to their multitude of lightning-based attacks, the party had settled on simply being known as ‘Big Damn Heroes’. Upon reaching Tul Kulamad, the party found that their reputation had preceded them and they were known throughout the dwarf kingdom as The Silver Lanterns.

“Yeah, that’s right, we saved this town. What does that make us?”
“Big damn heroes, sir.”
“Ain’t we just!”
-Big Damn Heroes*, after vanquishing Broxley the Beast atop Carvyre Keep in Riverthrough.


The party consists of the following members:
  • Avaris, a flashy, fencing, rapier-wielding human rogue whose tongue is as quick as his shuriken.
  • Jira, a dwarven warlord whose unconventional tactics have earned her the ire of many of her kind.
  • Olimorn, an eladrin mage who has no compunction against using his fiery spells to expedite the completion of the party’s quests so that he can return to his life of Feywild luxury.
  • Sabellia, a human warlock who commands eldritch lightning and binds fate to do her bidding.
  • Tanule, a brave dragonborn fighter whose skill and strength with the longsword and shield are unmatched.
  • Adrie, sister of Adris, an elf cleric of Sehanine and Melora who embodies the former’s mastery of the longbow and the latter’s healing art.
  • Adris, brother of Adrie, an elf cleric of Sehanine and Melora who wields a longspear to wade bravely into the thick of combat.

*quote shamelessly paraphrased from Firefly.

Big Damn Heroes

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