Khalistaran Kingdom

The kingdom of Khalistara extends south to the Null Sea and borders the dwarven lands in the Stout Hills mountains to the north. It extends from Riverthrough to the west all the way to the eastern coast. It is primarily populated by humans.

The Khalistaran kingdom has grown effectively defunct, however. Depending on who is asked, the reasons could vary from corruption, ineptitude, the costly war with Malron, the kingdom having grown bloated, to monsters having taken run of the kingdom’s heartland.

Recent History

The dryad Lurielle has led the forces of the Monster’s Alliance to conquer the Khalistaran Kingdom. She has enslaved most of the people in the kingdom with her magic and forced them to pay reparations to the monstrous races. Her rule is punctuated by the search for a human descendant of the legendary rogue Dakken.

Places in the Khalistaran Kingdom

Khalistaran Kingdom

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