Lantern Hill

Village, Population 843

Lantern Hill is a small village in northwestern Khalistara. The majority of the residents of the village are borne of two hardy stocks: farmers and miners. Lantern Hill is supported by its silver – the prices are far cheaper than metals mined in dwarf lands – allowing for tidy profits for those who know of, and are willing to work with, the tiny out-of-the-way village. Many years ago, the then-nameless village showed kindness to a traveling wizard who, after many years of adventuring, returned to gift the village with a plethora of ever-burning lanterns from the spoils of his success. It has been named Lantern Hill ever since.

Owing to the silver in the area, there are more dwarves in Lantern Hill than usually common in human lands, and perhaps because of this, though more likely to the lack of wooded lands nearby, there are fewer elves. Though water is far from scarce, the lack of a navigable river (more easily found a day’s travel to the west in Riverthrough) tempts only the most stalwart of halflings to make the village their home.

Recent History

Lantern Hill was recently besieged by disparate tribes of goblins and kobolds working together under the banner of the Monster’s Alliance. It’s lone source of sustenance, silver, was unable to be moved from the town and traded for supplies. Because of the intervening efforts of an adventuring party, the siege was broken and the monster’s vanquished.


The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Light at the End of the Tunnel is an inn and tavern (the only inn and tavern) in Lantern Hill. It is routinely packed by rowdy miners looking to unwind at the end of each day.

Notable People

Master Anvilstrike

A dwarf from Gald Kulumird, the silversmiths guild liason considers the flow of silver to dwarf lands to be his highest priority. Though he is known for throwing the importance of his position around at the slightest provocation, the shrewd dwarf labors to keep all parties happy in any trades he makes.

Nelson Silverarm

The surly innkeeper at the town’s only inn, The Light at the End of the Tunnel. He used to be a miner, but broke his leg and had to work at the inn to make ends meet. He ‘jokes’ that the only way out of the job is to die, which is precisely what the previous owner did, leaving Nelson stuck with the job.

Old Man Ptoley

The town’s ‘elder’ and self-appointed torchbearer, this old man spends most of his time sleeping the day away, and has been around Lantern Hill longer than even some of the dwarves.

Tobson Stone

The town’s sole guard, Tobson Stone performs his job dutifully. As he is paid by the Khalistaran Kingdom’s coffers, if the dwarf finds a job to be beyond his capabilities to perform, he is more than willing to spend gold to hire adventurers to ensure the safety of the village.


Adventure Log

Lantern Hill

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