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Places include the areas the heroes have traveled; things like the kingdom of Khalistara and the settlements and areas of interest within it and nearby it. People are the heroes themselves, but it also includes prominent characters the heroes have met or heard of from around the world. Events are things of importance that have happened that either most people are aware of, like the war between Malron and Khalistara, or quests that the heroes have personally experienced.


The Journey so Far…

Thus far, the party’s adventures have been located in the northwestern part of the Khalistaran Kingdom. Three of the heroes began their journey from Cedarsmoke to the village of Lantern Hill where they met two elves who had traveled from the Nearwood. Soon thereafter, their collective adventures took them to Riverthrough and later, the Nearwood. Now, they are in the dwarven city of Gald Kulumird, seeking to earn passage from the dwarf king into the war-torn under-mountain kingdom of Tul Kulamad.

The Known World

The world known to the adventurers includes the Khalistaran Kingdom, where their adventures began, and a brief awareness of the surrounding kingdoms. Beneath the mountain range to the north lies Tul Kulamad— the Dwarf Kingdom, and the Magiclands exist somewhere beyond those same mountains’ snowy peaks. The Null Sea, a vast pocket of antimagical waters borders the Khalistaran Kingdom to the south, and the Malronsoar, vile pirates that sail upon it, make their home in Malron upon its far shores.


In the short time the heroes have been adventuring, they’ve managed to make a whole lot of enemies, some acquaintances, and even a few allies. For one, as a dragonborn from the Razorfang clan, Tanule doesn’t even have to pick a fight to find one, and Sabellia’s warlock-ways don’t particularly endear her to folks either, although she’s also managed to use her magic to charm her way out of more than one brewing mob.

It’s not all bad though. The heroes have done quite a bit of good to keep the silver flowing into the dwarven kingdom, and nothing melts dwarven hearts, particularly the Kulumad, quite like a reputation for reliability paired with the knack for securing precious metals. And of course, there’s the town of Riverthrough, which has gone so far as to create a holiday in honor of the heroes that saved the day.

The Heroes

The members of the current party call themselves big damn heroes. Thus far, they’ve managed to earn the reputation to back that up. For one, their reputation has spread to nearby towns and they’re known throughout parts of the kingdom as the Silver Lanterns.

Their adventuring party consists of a defender, the dragonborn spear-fighter Tanule, two clerics, the elf siblings Adrie and Adris, and two humans: the dashing rogue swordsman Avaris and the mysterious stargazing warlock Sabellia. Recently, they’ve also been joined by the eladrin mage Olimorn.

The Villains

  • Vincenzo Wrinkletoe
  • Jamven Windsailor
  • Nelson Silverarm
  • Duchess Carvyre
  • Gratumal Fiedlerson (deceased)
  • Orewealth Goldbeard
Their Reputation Precedes Them…
Avaris’ List


Things happen! And sometimes they’re even memorable! Occasionally, these things are a matter of common knowledge, like the war between those bastard Malron pirates and the good kingdom of Khalistara, but usually they’re the sort of things that heroes remember best: adventures and quests!

Adventures and Quests

The heroes have undertaken and completed several quests in the course of their adventures. They met in Lantern Hill and managed to save the small mining village from a goblin and kobold tribe that were working together. Afterward, they learned that these disparate races were banding together under the direction of the Monster’s Alliance, a strange group headed by a mysterious leader named Balthazar. The alliance had tasked these tribes with cutting off the silver trade to the town of Riverthrough, so that’s where the heroes went next.

In Riverthrough, they found that the Monster’s Alliance had enacted a sinister plot to transform the townsfolk into monstrous were-rats. Not only had the alliance cut off the silver, but they had starved the town of any herbs needed to cure the rampant lycanthropy. With only days before the full moon, the heroes ventured into the Nearwood for the desperately needed herbs, unraveled the mysterious plot surrounding the identity of the werewolf, cured the town, and saved the Duchess from the werewolf and duplicitous doppelganger that had impersonated her father.

In the Nearwood, the heroes found out that the curse plaguing the forest could be traced back to its deepest parts, and upon venturing there, discovered that its cause was a nymph. This nymph, Lurielle, has tasked them with a quest to venture to the Magiclands and bring her a tome with which she can free the elves that have fallen under her spell.

Now, the heroes have ventured to Gald Kulumird, first of the dwarven cities, seeking passage to the undermountain kingdom of Tul Kulumad so that they might pass through it to the Magiclands beyond. They may be in luck, for it just so happens that the dwarf-king has use for a party of expendable adventurers who need his favor…

What are the Heroes Doing Now?

The heroes are still on quests to vanquish the evil Balthazar, determine the arcane writings etched upon the magical and mysterious scroll, and free the denizens of the Nearwood from Lurielle’s unfortunately-cast charm. Right now, they’re in the Hall of Calendars, a dwarven dungeon where they’ve heard rumors that a forgery of the king’s scepter is being kept.

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