The Nearwood is a forest in northern Khalistara which is mostly populated by Elves. It lies northeast of Lantern Hill and Riverthrough and south of Gald Kulumird and the Stout Hills. While the forest as a whole is not considered haunted or dangerous, there are whispers of a swamp deep within it that is the subject of many dark rumors and stories.

Recent History

The Nearwood has become a whispered place of enthralled elves and foul magic. Treants bound to serve Lurielle punish trespassers with their lives and the inhabitants: elves and more sinister monsters kidnap those who survive and bring them before Lurielle to fall prey to her magic.


Lurielle’s Grove

Lurielle’s Grove was once a place where those unfortunately enslaved by the nymph’s beauty gathered in a glade around her tree. Now, her tree has been uprooted and the gnarled trees and time-worn bodies littering the battle-torn glade are reminders of her absence.

Bough’s Merry

Bough’s Merry is a small village in the western part of the Nearwood. It is one of the few villages that has not suffered from the recent total disappearances plaguing the rest of the forest, although the elder’s daughter, Leafwind Autumnbough, has gone missing…

Sylvan on Silver

Sylvan on Silver is a Feywild town which lies upon an enchanted fork of the silver river which can only be found by traveling directly into the blinding reflection of the sun. Thus, it is most easily entered at sunrise or sunset. Though the town’s construction speaks to a majestic beauty, its desertion has led to it becoming overrun with all manner of fey spiders.

The Druid Circles

The Druids of the Nearwood often gathered in circles, both figuratively and literal circles arranged of stone tablets. They would often provide their superior selection of herbs, potions and salves to those hardy enough to visit them. Their circles have recently become deserted, but with no sign of bodies or violence, the Monster’s Alliance is difficult to blame.

Notable People

Elder Autumnbough

Elder Autumnbough is a kind elf who leads the small elf village of Bough’s Merry. Despite the ill fate that has befallen much of the forest and even his own family, he carries himself with an omnipresent sense of mirth. After the recent events with Lurielle, his disposition is unknown.

Sekkaleth the Green & Sarkalath the Verdant

Sekkaleth the Green was a young green dragon that preyed upon the southern parts of the Nearwood. In exchange for ‘tolls’, it would let creatures pass through its territory. Its memory was often fickle and it was known to declare an offering to be insufficient on grounds little more than it was feeling hungry. Sekkaleth has since been slain by the big damn heroes. His father, Sarkalath, has recently reclaimed a portion of the forest for himself. Unlike his son, Sarkalath is not known for accepting offerings, but is occasionally known to parley with lesser beings in exchange for amusement.


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