Town, Population 7,348

Riverthrough is a large town in western Khalistara. Its inhabitants hail from many races that populate the surrounding lands. It is a popular trade hub by virtue of its proximity to both the Dwarven kingdom of Tul Kulamad in the Stout Hills and the eponymous river which bisects the town and connects it to the Farwood and, farther south, to the Null Sea.

Recent History

Riverthrough was recently host to a plot by the Monster’s Alliance. After the mysterious and powerful Balthazar lost his army in the Nearwood, his chief tactician conjured a plan to create a new army. Implanting a savage and intimidating werewolf in the town, the Monster’s Alliance was able to enlist the aid of the local wererat thieves’ guild to infect the town with lycanthropy while other forces cut the town off from Lantern Hill’s silver and the Nearwood druids’ herbs.

Adventurers from nearby lands who had thwarted the blockade at Lantern Hill learned of the plot and were able to thwart it, slaying the werewolf and freeing the thieves’ guild of Monster’s Alliance intimidation in the process. They are now widely considered heroes to the town, and a holiday has been created to honor them. After deposing the doppelganger who had replaced the duke, they instated the former captain of the guard, William Dakkenson as temporary ruler and steward of the young Duchess Carvyre, who is not yet old enough to rule.


Carvyre Keep

Carvyre Keep is the residence of the young Duchess Carvyre, daughter of the late Duke Carvyre who was slain and later impersonated by a doppelganger. Currently, William Dakkenson serves as the steward of Duchess Carvyre and is ruling in her stead until she is of a proper age to bear the burden. The keep is the favored locale of the big damn heroes who saved the town, and they are welcome to make their quarters within its walls whenever they are in the area as a small gesture of thankfulness for their deeds.

The Horny Unicorn

The Horny Unicorn is one of several inns in Riverthrough. Although it is not as rough-and-tumble as some near the Docks, it has a reputation for a good time owing to its bawdy name.

Notable People

Alluvyre Hollysharp

A wealthy and beautiful eladrin, Alluvyre Hollysharp is the self-described ‘baroness of the potion-trade’ and is well-known in the northwestern Khalistaran Kingdom. She is widely reputed to control the majority of the potion shops north of the Farwood, and more than a few apothecaries have taken advantage of her fair prices and reliable supplies by joining her guild.

Broxley Grizzlejaw (deceased)

Broxley Grizzlejaw is a large, boisterous man who gained the nickname ‘Broxley the Brawler’ when he ran a rough collection of mercenaries in Riverthrough. He eventually rose to replace William Dakkenson as Captain of the Guard for a brief reign as ‘Broxley the Brutal’ before he was revealed as a savage werewolf. ‘Broxley the Beast’ was dispatched by adventurers shortly thereafter.

Duchess Carvyre

The Duchess Carvyre is a young girl of only 6 years. She has been well-raised with a Magelander-quality education by Gratumal Fiedlerson, a scholar from the Magiclands, before his demise. Currently, she is heir to the duchy of Riverthrough, but being too young to rule, she is in the stewardship of William Dakkenson.

Duke Carvyre (deceased)

Duke Carvyre is a tall, broad-shouldered, bearded, well-spoken and well-loved man. Likely because of his enormous charisma, he was assassinated and replaced by a doppelganger in the service of the Monster’s Alliance. The doppelganger ruled for several months before being found out and slain by adventurers along with Broxley the Beast.

Gratumal Fiedlerson (deceased)

Gratumal Fiedlerson is a well-educated scholar from the Magiclands. Like most Magelanders, he did not feel comfortable speaking about his homeland, although he developed a bond with his pupil, the young Lady (now Duchess) Carvyre. He was slain by Broxley the Beast sometime during the assault on Carvyre Keep.

Jamven Windsailor

Jamven Windsailor is the former leader of the ‘Docksies’, the wererat-afflicted thieves’ guild of Riverthrough. After the majority of his guild was defeated by big damn heroes, Jamven took the remainder and joined forces with those same heroes to turn against the werewolf that had usurped his leadership and cowed the wererats into evil deeds against the town.

Because of his efforts to undo the damage he wrought and his sway in the Riverthrough underworld, William Dakkenson has appointed him Captain of the Guard. Thus far, he has demonstrated an enormous capacity to rise to the challenge of being ‘a good guy’, and is enormously thankful to Dakkenson and the big damn heroes for affording him the chance to redeem himself.

Vincenzo Wrinkletoe

Vincenzo is the whispery-voiced halfling who oversees the Wrinkletoes’ shipping operations in Riverthrough. Craftier than he appears, he trades in favors as often as he does cargo, and often at the same steep price.

William Dakkenson

William Dakkenson is Riverthrough’s former Captain of the Guard and now serves as the town’s leader in the Duchess Carvyre’s stead. He was appointed by the big damn heroes as her steward after they defeated Broxley the Beast and the doppelganger who had replaced the Duke.


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