Vellraem-Dugunarn Kulum

Literally, “The Great Red Dragon Above the Mountain” in the Kulumad tongue.

Vellraem is an ancient red dragon whose volcano home borders the lands of the dwarven kingdom. She has settled into an uneasy stalemate (not to be confused with a truce) with the Kulumad dwarves, realizing that if she provokes them too much, they will likely mount an army against her.

The dragon is uncertain whether she would win a battle against a dwarven army, and realizes the considerable stakes if an open war were to break out. She knows that the dwarves, on the other hand, would almost certainly suffer considerable losses even if their combined might could challenge her own, and is content to play these odds to bully the kingdom as she sees fit.

As it stands currently, Vellraem’s claim to the lands are those above the mountains; the dwarves’ are beneath ( Tul Kulamad). The lands to the west of The Columned Hall are hers, while the mountain ranges to the east belong to the dwarves.

According to information the Silver Lanterns have gathered, Vellraem is also the mother of Balthazar.

Vellraem-Dugunarn Kulum

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