Northwestern Khalistara

The Silver Lanterns that emerged heroic from the town of Riverthrough are no more. Some say that next they ventured to the Nearwood and met an evil they could not vanquish. Other tales say they met their end in the maw of Vellraem herself atop the mountaintops of Char Kulum. And hundreds of dwarven warriors will personally swear to the fact that the Lanterns met their end defeating a thousands-strong army of giants deep in Tul Kulamad.

Tanule, Sabellia, Avaris, and their dwarven guide, Jira, must brave the deadly Tul Kulamad winter and make their way across the mountaintops to the Magiclands. There, they seek a spell from the library of Al Maja to right the horrors that have befallen the Nearwood. Their legends precede them. Their pasts will catch up to them. But are more fates than their own at stake? Only their deeds in the present will tell.

Beginning in Northwestern Khalistara, the heroes’ adventures took them to the mountains above Tul Kulamad, where they are seeking a spell from the library of Al Maja deep in the Magiclands. Their adventures will take them on a journey across the planes and back in this paragon-tier campaign!

Act 1: Bought with Silver, Paid in Blood (Heroic Tier)
Act 2: The Rise of Two Queens (Paragon Tier)
Act 3: Title Forthcoming… (Epic Tier)


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